Chad Behrend June 23, 2022

Chad Behrend June 23, 2022

Group or association discounts are available. Please have your President of your organization contact us .
We do not currently have a wholesale program. I do apologize for that. When companies offer wholesale pricing on uniforms, there are several reasons why. 1. They buy shipping containers full which contain thousands of uniforms. 2. They are made very fast and very cheap. 3. Most do not have or use premium made fabrics- they use 100% cotton which is fast and inexpensive to produce. 4. There is little to no quality control- having thousands of uniforms, there is no way to inspect every one of them.

MooDo Yea Premium is a proprietary blended fabric for strength, durability, lightness, heat control, and snap- made specifically for my brand, no other.  We also order in small batches of 50. This allows us to inspect every single uniform for quality and attention to detail, before it ships to the customers- that’s why they are receiving all  5 star reviews. 
The intensive production process, with all the extra details of the dobok takes about 4 times as long to produce compared to wholesale uniforms.

You will not find a better Tang Soo Do,  Soo Bahk Do, Tae Kwon Do, Moo Duk Kwan uniform on the market.

As we said in the last email- depending on the number of uniforms ordered- their could be discounts available to your organization. If you would like, you can have the President of your organization contact me directly at the above e-mail address.

Thank You so much for your time, and have a great weekend!

MooDo Yea LLC. TM Pat.Pend

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