Perfect For Master, Competitor, And Instructor

We reinforced the jacket, collar, and additionally the cuffs with 8 extra rows of stitching. This does not only give the dobok (gi) excellent durability, but also gives it a nice fit and look on the body. These uniforms are perfect for the Master, competitor, and instructor. Compared to most other uniform manufacturers, we only use premium fabrics and not inexpensive canvas. We also use expensive seam constructions to enforce durability and strength. Even the thread we use in our seams is more advanced and exclusive than what is commonly used in the industry. This is all in part of making sure that this uniform will not only have excellent durability, but also maintains its great looks for years to come. Our MooDo uniform is an excellent choice for hot climates and anybody who wants to have a high quality uniform that is not flimsy.

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