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Premium Martial Arts Uniforms

MooDo Yea LLC offers high-quality top of the line Karate, Tang Soo Do, Soo Bahk Do, Tae Kwon Do uniforms. The MooDo Yea TM uniform brand is very proud to present the newly designed and modernized for 2022 MooDo Dobok(Gi), an updated and much-refined version of a traditional uniform. Additional features include ...

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Quality Professional Wear

We took the well-established and known material of traditional cotton and refined it even further. In a sophisticated production process, we enrich a high-quality cotton thread with very fine polyester strands. The result is a yarn with twisted fiber strings blended together. This makes the uniform comfortable ...
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Perfect For Master, Competitor, And Instructor

We reinforced the jacket, collar, and additionally the cuffs with 8 extra rows of stitching. This does not only give the dobok (gi) excellent durability, but also gives it a nice fit and look on the body. These uniforms are perfect for the Master, competitor, and instructor. Compared to most other uniform ...
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Happy Customers

GM Luis Raul Torres Melendez

OMG Chad! This Dohbohk ROCKS!!!! Perfect Fit. Pants and all. And the fabric... ufff I am taking it for a good sweat tomorrow in class and the I will only use for special ocassions!!! Love it! And the manual, wow, icing on the cake. Thank You! 


23 Reviews

I recently received my dobok from MooDo Yea, LLC. It is fantastic. It is well made and gorgeous. I strongly recommend this brand. I will be getting another.

Jun 12, 2024
Frank Clay

Why Choose Us?

  • Debit & Credit Cards accepted
  • Wifi on the premises
  • Free consultation
  • Ventilated/heat Releasing Underarm Gussets
  • Shoulders And Neckline Lined With Moisture Wicking Mesh.
  • Hand Finished Collar With Multi-needle Stitching And Extra Reinforcement.
  • Custom 2” Wide Special Midnight Blue Trim On Jacket And Cuffs
  • Ventilated Gusseted Groin Along With Moisture Wicking Fabric To Regulate Heat And Moisture.
  • Pocket Hidden Within The Inside Flap Of The Jacket For Personal Items
  • Non-chlorine Bleached For Safety And Comfort As Well As Environmental Safety.
  • 14 Oz Premium Blended Fabric Which Requires Much Less Ironing. Shrinkage Approximately 1-3%
  • Uniform Packaging Is Eco-friendly 100% Biodegradable
  • Pants with front slash pockets combined with mesh for maximum breathability and heat reduction
  • Heavy duty elastic waistband for simplicity, security, and comfort.
  • Tang Soo Do Uniform
  • Moo Duk Kwan
  • Trimmed martial art uniforms
  • Korean martial arts
  • Premium dobok
  • Dobok
  • Tae Kwon Do uniform
  • Traditional uniform
  • Soo Bahk Do
  • Tang Soo
  • Midnight blue
  • Hapkido
  • World Tang Soo Do
  • Tang Soo Do Master uniform
  • Grand Master Uniform
  • Venmo accepted
  • 24/7 availability