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MooDo Yea LLC offers high-quality top of the line, Tang Soo Do, Soo Bahk Do, Tae Kwon Do uniforms. The MooDo Yea TM uniform brand is very proud to present the newly designed and modernized for 2021 MooDo Dobok(Gi), an updated and much-refined version of a traditional uniform. Additional features include ventilated/moisture-wicking underarm gussets, shoulders, and neckline lined with moisture-wicking mesh, custom 2” wide Special Midnight Blue or Black trim on jacket and cuffs. Front slash pockets combined with mesh for maximum breathability. This new product is a high-quality top-of-the-line Tang Soo Do uniform. If you are looking for a high-quality dobok with heavy to medium weight, then you will enjoy MooDo Yea. We also provides extra large pants and jackets To purchase, swing by our shop or get in touch with us on our message form for details about prices.

Quality Professional Wear

We took the well-established and known material of traditional cotton and refined it even further. In a sophisticated production process, we enrich a high-quality cotton thread with very fine polyester strands. The result is a yarn with twisted fiber strings blended together. This makes the uniform comfortable and cool on the skin but feels stout and crisp, with an excellent snap. We hired one of the best fabric-producing mills in the world to get this kind of material. The selection of yarns, fibers, and the final thread was left to absolute experts in the garment industry. Packaging shipping bags are corn-based eco friendly and 100% biodegradable. Every little bit helps our planet.

Perfect For Master, Competitor, And Instructor

We reinforced the jacket, collar, and additionally the cuffs with 8 extra rows of stitching. This does not only give the dobok (gi) excellent durability, but also gives it a nice fit and look on the body. These uniforms are perfect for the Master, competitor, and instructor. Compared to most other uniform manufacturers, we only use premium fabrics and not inexpensive canvas. We also use expensive seam constructions to enforce durability and strength. Even the thread we use in our seams is more advanced and exclusive than what is commonly used in the industry. This is all in part of making sure that this uniform will not only have excellent durability, but also maintains its great looks for years to come. Our MooDo uniform is an excellent choice for hot climates and anybody who wants to have a high quality uniform that is not flimsy.

Why Choose Us?

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Ventilated/heat Releasing Underarm Gussets
Shoulders And Neckline Lined With Moisture Wicking Mesh.
Hand Finished Collar With Multi-needle Stitching And Extra Reinforcement.
Custom 2” Wide Special Midnight Blue Trim On Jacket And Cuffs
Ventilated Gusseted Groin Along With Moisture Wicking Fabric To Regulate Heat And Moisture.
Pocket Hidden Within The Inside Flap Of The Jacket For Personal Items
Non-chlorine Bleached For Safety And Comfort As Well As Environmental Safety.
14 Oz Premium Blended Fabric Which Requires Much Less Ironing. Shrinkage Approximately 1-3%
Uniform Packaging Is Eco-friendly 100% Biodegradable
Pants with front slash pockets combined with mesh for maximum breathability and heat reduction
Heavy duty elastic waistband for simplicity, security, and comfort.
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Happy Customers

OMG Chad! This Dohbohk ROCKS!!!! Perfect Fit. Pants and all. And the fabric... ufff I am taking it for a good sweat tomorrow in class and the I will only use for special ocassions!!! Love it! ...

GM Luis Raul Torres Melendez

Hello how are you? That is a very nice uniform SaBom Nim. Very well made. Has a cell phone pocket and ventilation holes and pockets in the Dobak pants too. 

GM AJ Perry

I have received the uniform. Very nice. I was happily surprised to see pants with elastic waist and pockets. You will sell lots of the uniforms. 

GM Tong Hwan Kim


11 Reviews

Jason Barrs

29 March 2022

29 March


Opened the box to my new TSD uniform and I was impressed. Craftsmanship, attention to detail, quality materials, and an affordable price all in one. All while...
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Carlos Ramon Rodriguez

29 March 2022

29 March


Finally a traditional DangSoo Do dobok made right, keeping the true martial artist in mind! MooDo Yea Premium Uniforms hit the nail on the head with this! The q...
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