What makes the BEST karate, tang soo do uniform ?? - important considerations

If you are a martial arts enthusiast and love doing Korean or Japanese styles, then you will need to select the very BEST uniform so that it will be ideal for your intense training sessions. MooDo Yea Premium has spent the last 38 years perfecting the best traini…

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Comparison Analysis

Comparison to other Premium Brands-

MooDo Yea exceeds with its blended fabric, virtually no wrinkling compared to competitors 100% cotton. MooDo Yea trim is blended fabric that will fade little to none over the many years of washing. MooDo Yea has additional row…

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What Materials Are Used?

"We took the well-established and known material of traditional cotton and refined it even further. In a sophisticated production process, we enrich a high-quality cotton thread with very fine polyester strands. The result is a yarn with twisted fiber strings blen…

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Patent Pending
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