What makes the BEST karate, tang soo do uniform ?? - important considerations

What makes the BEST karate, tang soo do uniform ?? - important considerations

What makes the BEST karate, tang soo do uniform ?? - important considerations

If you are a martial arts enthusiast and love doing Korean or Japanese styles, then you will need to select the very BEST uniform so that it will be ideal for your intense training sessions. MooDo Yea Premium has spent the last 38 years perfecting the best training uniform, so you don’t have to.  

You will need to explore from the different options so that you can select the best uniform for your training needs . This is especially important because the right kind of uniform will ensure that you will be happy and perfectly comfortable while training. Therefore, you will need to invest in a good quality uniform so that you will get the best kind of results from wearing your Premium Uniform. 



One of the first things you should look for is a uniform that is American Cut. Too many manufacturers use Asian sizing and are just too small- decreasing mobility and potentially causing tears due to stress. Karate pants and tops come in an array of options. The outfit should be loose enough to allow free bodily movements. A bit baggy is ok- too tight just wont work at all!



Karate involves abrupt bodily movements. Your outfit is likely to sustain enough beatings during the training tenure. If you choose a cotton outfit, it might tear apart quickly and just doesn’t last under repeated washings. You will also have to iron every time it comes out of the washer. MooDo Yea Premium Uniforms use a proprietary 14 oz. blended fabric for extreme strength, breathability, snap, and temperature control, so choose a uniform that encompasses the comfort of cotton and the durability of polyester.

Look for:

⦁ Breathable or mesh fabrics that keep the body cool during heavy training

⦁ Full length gussets that allow leg freedom for kicks

⦁ Reinforced seams and stitching.

⦁ Non fade trim

⦁ Pockets within the jacket and pants are key for tournaments, seminars, competitions, demos, testings. 

⦁ MooDo Yea Premium Uniforms LLC.(Trademarked and Patent Pending) are the only uniforms we have seen that have this. Its game changing.


No other outfit collects as much dirt, grime, and sweat as the karate uniform. Poly/cotton fabric releases this dirt while 100% cotton locks it in its fibers. You may have to wash it after every practice. You may have to expend enough time on cleaning the clothes, don’t spend time ironing too!! To avoid such problems, make sure you buy easily washable karate clothing.





Don’t run after cheaply priced uniforms. They won’t last.  

Instead, check out 

Karate uniforms - MooDo Yea LLC | Minneapolis (moodoyeapremiumuniforms.com) 

Compare multiple brands to make a cost-effective selection. That way, you can balance quality with pricing. Out of all the premium brands, MooDo Yea Premium LLC. is the most economical and fairly priced and includes all the features a serious practitioner wants at a fraction of the price of the competitors-which don’t have any features. See below for yourself.

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